Catcher Coaches Clinic

Baseball & Softball Catcher Coaches Clinic

Baseball Rebellion’s Catcher Coaches Clinic is great for coaches, teams, and travel / showcase organizations as an informational guide to ensure that proper receiving, blocking, and throwing mechanics are taught at the earliest developmental stages to baseball and softball players. The Baseball Rebellion Catching Coaches Clinic includes HD videos, only available through the Catcher Coaches Clinic, of drills with detailed explanations/examples, training progressions, and Coaching Cues. Bring Baseball Rebellion’s world renown catching information to your baseball / softball team, organization or league today to give your players a technical and informational advantage.

Catcher Coaches ClinicCatcher Coaches Clinic’s Goals:

1. Improve overall mechanical patterns in catchers to allow the game to be more fun
2. Establish a new and better foundation of catching fundamentals
3. Build a consistent language of learning throughout a league, coaching staff, or organization
4. Educate players, parents and coaches on the best catching techniques for baseball and softball
5. Empower a new generation of smart-minded athletic baseball / softball players and parents


Catcher Coaches Clinic Catching DrillsCatcher Coaches Clinic’s Benefits:

1. Unlimited viewing within the 1 year access period
2. Accessable anywhere through phone, computer, or tablet
3. Consistent baseball & softball positional information that is tested and proven to excell at the highest levels.
4. Powerful training and conceptual information backed by Baseball Rebellion research
5. Professional presentation by player development professionals with years of teaching / training experience


Catcher Coaches Clinic’s Features: (Access for 1 year)Baseball Rebellion Catcher Coaches Clinic

1. Over 30 custom catcher coaches clinic HD videos and drills
2. Explains concepts and techniques related to receiving, blocking, and throwing mechanics with multiple drills to improve in each area
3. Learn how to teach youth – high level players both the fundamentals and intricacies of the catching position
4. Drills done at full speed and slow motion performed by Baseball Rebellion Staff JK Whited & Gabe Dimock
5. Practice Plan / Training Progression for best results at Practice
6. Detailed Baseball Rebellion Active Warmup and Hip Isometrics 


***All purchasers of Coaches Clinics are granted discounted pricing on all Baseball Rebellion Products during the 1 yr Clinic Time Period.

* Being an Informational Product, we do not offer refunds for coaches clinics*

For Coaches Clinic packages including products with price discounts, Call Baseball Rebellion at (919)245-1181