The Rebel’s Rack


Maximize your power to hit more doubles, triples, and home runs! The Rebel’s Rack is the best tool to train rotational hitting, which leads to an increase in bat speed, exit velocity, and hard-hit line drive hitting consistency.

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The Rebel’s Rack is the most efficient way to develop rotational power within the baseball and softball swing. The Rebel’s Rack takes the hands and arms out of swing training to help hitters focus on the rotation of their swing. Faster Rotation = Faster Bat Speed = Harder Hit Balls. You can pair the Rebel’s Rack with the Rack Bat and Rebel’s Rack Bands to further your rotational work, balance, and timing.  The Rebel’s Rack has helped dozens of professional players, NCAA teams, and high schools all over the country and it can help you too!

The Rebel’s Rack easily fits inside a bat bag a perfect way for the hitter to warm up their bodies before the game. Pitchers have bands and weighted ball, what do hitters have to warm up? Well now they have the Rebel’s Rack! Also, the Rebel’s Rack is perfect for injured players who cannot hold a bat, now that player can ‘learn to turn’ as they come back to play.

Check out drills to the Rebel’s Rack HERE!

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