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Don’t let your tee get in the way of your swing! Get the tee that allows you to hit the ball out in front and train to hit doubles, triples, and home runs!

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The Launch Angle Tee revolutionizes the softball hitting tee! The Launch Angle Tee aids in players swinging at the proper swing approach angle that help them hit more doubles, triples, and home runs! For the first time ever, hitters can use their tee for DELIBERATE PRACTICE to maximize their launch angle on the baseball or softball and raise their slugging percentage. No more hitting the tee…See more ball, hit more ball with the Launch Angle Tee!

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Launch Angle Tee Benefits:
1. Allows for hitters to see the maximum amount of the ball when hitting (no above ball visual interference)
2. Least Bat to Tee contact of any ‘bottom-up’ tee in the industry. HIT THE BALL, NOT THE TEE!
3. Helps both Softball and Baseball hitters maximize their launch angle by exposing more of the bottom of the ball
4. Train your swing to hit the middle to lower half of the ball to maximize ball distance and height

Launch Angle Tee Specs: 

  • Adjustable from 18”- 40” to allow training by hitters of all ages
  • Tee base is 12” x 11” and is equipped with shaft suction technology which allows easy removal of the tee shaft for easy travel and transportation.
  • The whole Launch Angle Tee weights less than 6 pounds
  • Tee top is made from 3D Flexible Filament TPU
  • Telescoping tee shaft is made from aluminum and polycarbonate materials which allow maximum durability
  • LIFETIME warranty on the tee top, tee base, and telescope action of the tee shaft. You will never have to buy another tee again

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