LAT90 Batting Tee – The Game is Changing…Shouldn’t Your Tee?!

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We introduce the LAT90, Launch Angle Tee’s own vertical tee option. The LAT gives hitters the vertical tee they are use to with an angled top to hold the ball. What does this mean for the hitter? The angled top allow the hitter to see more of the ball. When hitters see more of the ball they are able to hit more of the ball and less of the tee! For hitters, this means they are making clean contact with the ball, swing after swing. For parents and coaches, this means your tee is getting hit less and won’t wear out after only 1 season.

The Game is Changing…Shouldn’t Your Tee?


If you would like a Launch Angle Tee Top for your current tee, please go here!

If you would like the whole Launch Angle Tee, please go here!

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