Complete Rotational Power Package

$184.97 $149.99

We’ve taken the best Softball Rebellion rotational training tool and put them in a package so you can save nearly $45 on your order! The Complete Rotational Power Package includes the Rebel’s RackRack Bat, and Rack Bands. These three training tools are all you need to start generating more power in your swing and turn! Hit more doubles, triples, and home runs with the Complete Rotational Power Package!

The Rebel's Rack

The Rack Bat

$69.99 $58.79

Rebel's Rack Bands

$39.99 $25.23
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With the Complete Rotational Power Package, you get:

  • The Rebel’s Rack

  • The Rack Bat

  • A Set of Rebel’s Rack Bands with Connectors

More About the Rebel’s Rack

Size Chart

Player T-Shirt Size Rebel’s Rack Size
YL – Small Small
Medium – Large Medium
XL-XXL Large

Obviously, female athletes are shaped differently than male athletes. Female softball and baseball players will have different sizing preferences than male players. It is important that the Rebel’s Rack is worn as high as possible under the collar bone/arm pits and above the chest. Generally, female athletes like larger Rebel’s Rack sizes than their male counterparts, but mostly, this is personal choice. It is important that the angled sides of the Rebel’s Rack fit snugly around the rib cage. If there is too much room there, the Rebel’s Rack will slide when adding resistance bands and will be harder to hold.

More About the Rack Bat

Additional information

The Rebel's Rack

Weight 32 oz

Small, Medium, Large

The Rack Bat

Weight 1.5 oz


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