Pitching Rebellion

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For the last twenty years, the pitching methodology being taught has been fundamentally flawed. Natural movements in the delivery have been lost, arm injuries are occurring at an alarming rate, and with young pitchers throwing more often, the game of baseball is facing an epidemic. Baseball Rebellion has evidence as to why our current culture is flawed and has created solutions to build the next generation of healthy throwers.

The Baseball Pitching Rebellion centers around a foundation of processes and individuals that analyze, score, predict, implement, and fix all issues involving the baseball throwing motion. We are building a movement of educated, aware, willing, dedicated, talented, and healthy throwers. Below are the ways players of any age, budget, and talent level can benefit by joining the Rebellion through our Information, Services, and Products. Join the Rebellion, become part of the movement, and together lets put an end to the throwing related injury epidemic currently in baseball today!


Pitching Articles and ResearchPitching Throwing Articles and Research

Baseball Rebellions’ Pitching Methodology is constantly researched, tested, and proven, on a daily basis, at our baseball training facility I.T.S. Baseball. The Pitching Rebellion collaborates with athletic trainers, bio-mechanical experts, medical professionals, and statisticians,  to create the most accurate mathematic and scientific information. Wether you are a player, parent, fan, or coach, our free articles give access to our methodology and insight, in fun and informative ways.



Pitching / Throwing LessonsBaseball Rebellion Pitching Lessons

Train with Baseball Rebellion’s Dave Shinskie and get the same instruction as in-person lessons, without ever having to visit our facility. By Being a part of Baseball Rebellion’s online lesson program, you can directly benefit from our research, tested, and proven training methods. Baseball Rebellion’s instructors will guide you step by step through the training process to ensure you have a complete understanding of the development of your throwing motion




Coaches ClinicBaseball Rebellion Coaches Clinic

Baseball Rebellion’s Throwing / Pitching Coaches Clinic is great for Teams, Travel and Showcase Organizations, or as informational guides for entire leagues to ensure proper throwing mechanics are taught at the earliest developmental stages of a player. Baseball Rebellion Coaches Clinics include private video, only available within these clinics, video breakdowns of player before and after transformations, and drill examples done by young hitters and pitchers. Bring Baseball Rebellion’s world renown information to your team, organization or league today and give your players a technical and informational advantage other people will notice.