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Speed vs. Accuracy – Are We Missing Something?

By Lacey Waldrop | January 15, 2020

Speed vs. Accuracy There has always been this question in pitching, what makes a pitcher great? At a young age, what should a pitcher focus on first, speed or accuracy?…

Mastering the Curveball: Mechanics, Spins and Drills

By Haylie Wagner | November 19, 2019

Learning to Throw a Great Curveball Curveball: A pitch that is known for having great break, spin, and movement. A very difficult pitch to hit. Also, my FAVORITE pitch to…

The Yips and the Will to Persevere

By Lacey Waldrop | November 15, 2019

The Long-lasting Effects of the Yips Although I did find solace during my last collegiate game, my experience with the yips was far from over. I mean that in both…

The Yips: From National Player of the Year to Dreading Pitching

By Lacey Waldrop | November 6, 2019

The Yips: Losing Control Wanting to pitch every game quickly turned to hoping that I wasn’t in the starting line-up. Could I ever feel confident in the circle again? Would…

Proper Landing Mechanics for Pitchers

By Courtney Hudson | November 5, 2019

Stride Leg Landing Mechanics To properly understand movements within the pitching motion, we need to first address how the body moves in many other athletic movements. Softball pitching is not…

Spin Series with Lacey Waldrop: Change-up Drills

By Lacey Waldrop | November 1, 2019

Do you want to develop a devastating change-up? Check out Lacey Waldrop’s favorite drills to increase deception and develop consistency.

The Importance of Throwing Quality Pitches

By Lacey Waldrop | October 18, 2019

Control the Controllables. Throw Quality Pitches. During a lesson with one of my younger pitchers, we started having a conversation about different counts and the importance of quality pitches. When…

“Heel, Toe, Go!” Weight Shift Drill for Pitchers

By Nicole Denes | October 11, 2019

How to Generate Power and Explosiveness off the Mound One of my favorite things about providing instruction is that there are always several different methods to get the same outcome….

Enhance your Pre-game Routine with Arm Care

By Lacey Waldrop | October 9, 2019

How does your Pre-game Warm-up Impact your Health and Performance? I’ve watched teams warm-up many times throughout the years as both a coach and a player. When I was growing…