Hitting Rebellion

Over the last 20 years, much of the hitting technique taught from Little League to College and the Professional Ranks has been flawed.  Athletic movements have been replaced with static and ‘easily coachable’ positions within the baseball & softball swing, and batting averages & home run totals are at the lowest point in decades. Baseball Rebellion has evidence as to why current hitting methodologies are flawed and solutions to build the next generation of athletic, powerful, & adjustable hitters.

Baseball Rebellion is dramatically changing the methodology and mindset of baseball and softball hitting instruction & mechanics, utilizing slow motion video, physics, and proprietary movement drills. Our full time staff teaches lessons, studies bio-mechanics, watches film, and develops new hitting techniques, drills, & training products. Below you will find out how players of any age, budget, and talent level can benefit by joining the Rebellion through our Information, Services, and Products. Join the Rebellion, and see how our technical and informational advantage can break the cycle of bad hitting instruction that has permeated baseball for decades!


Baseball & Softball Hitting Articles / ResearchBaseball Rebellion Hitting Methodology and Research

Baseball Rebellion’s hitting methodology is based on the best and most powerful major league swings. Backed by physics, irrefutable video evidence, researched and tested training methodologies, and bio-mechanical movement improvement drilling, there is no hitting system anywhere that makes players hit the ball harder, farther or with better adjustability and average then what you will find here. BR’s FREE ARTICLES bring our researched and tested methodology directly to your smart phone or computer. Whether you are a player, parent, fan, or coach, you can enjoy this information and use it to help improve your own understanding of the hardest job in sports: Hitting a Baseball or Softball.



Baseball Rebellion Hitting LessonsBaseball Rebellion Hitting Lessons

Train with Chas Pippitt or the BR Hitting Staff, of JK Whited and Gabe Dimock, to bring Baseball Rebellion’s hitting mechanics to you anywhere in the World! Learn Baseball Rebellion’s researched, tested, and proven Baseball and Softball swing, while training with our one of a kind instructors, with all the benefits of in person lessons no matter where you live. Our Online Baseball / Softball Hitting Lesson System has worked for players from 4 continents and will give your baseball or softball player a technical and training advantage unlike anything else. Baseball Rebellion’s instructors will guide you step by step through the training process to ensure you have a complete understanding of the development of your powerful, adjustable baseball / softball swing.



The Rebel’s RackRebels Rack

The Rebel’s Rack promotes the proper baseball / softball swing path and develops HUGE power. The Rebel’s Rack helps eliminate common hitting flaws such as “casting” of the arms which results in a long, inefficient swing. By deactivating and de-emphasizing the arms in the swing, The Rebel’s Rack forces the obliques, lower back and front abdominals take over to turn the pelvis before the shoulders. This sequence of movement accelerates the barrel of the bat instead of the knob, improving bat path and instantaneous bat head speed needed to maximize a hitter’s potential for power and average. The movement improvement properties of the Rebel’s Rack allow baseball and softball hitters extra time to see the pitch type, speed and location and create much more efficient hitting training sessions.


The Drive DeveloperDrive Developer

The Drive Developer creates proper baseball and softball swing mechanics and improves muscle coordination, strength, and flexibility throughout the entire motion of the baseball / softball swing. This hitting aid will improve your swing acceleration, power and consistency. The Drive Developer will teach players of all ages and ability levels to fire specific muscles in sequential order, using the natural kinetic linkage of your body, to infuse maximum power and coordination into each swing. The Drive Developer System will guide you into making hundreds of mistake-free drive motions of the swing, while building strength and flexibility. For best results, pair with the Rebel’s Rack.


The Bat Drag BusterBat Drag Buster

Baseball Rebellion’s Bat Drag Buster will eliminate bat drag, teach any batter to turn the barrel into the plane of the pitch, and enhance the ‘hitter’s box’, a staple of all high level baseball and softball swings. The Bat Drag Buster fuses the arms and upper body in to one unit, helping the hitter to dramatically increase the force he or she can create when swinging. This new training aid, fixes common baseball / softball hitting mistakes like arm bar, disconnection from the turn, early hand activation, casting of the hands, bat drag, and more! Increase your power. Increase your swing efficiency.  Get on plane early with the ball and learn to hit how the pros hit, with their body, not their hands.


Coaches ClinicHitting Coaches Clinic

Baseball Rebellion’s Coaches Clinics are great for Teams, Travel and Showcase Organizations, and as informational guides for entire leagues to ensure proper baseball / softball hitting and overhead throwing mechanics are taught at the earliest developmental stages of a player. Baseball Rebellion Coaches Clinics include private video, only available within these clinics, video breakdowns of player before and after transformations, and drill examples done by young hitters and pitchers. Bring Baseball Rebellion’s world renown information to your team, organization or league today and give your players a technical and informational advantage other people will notice.