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Learn to Load with the Wedge Drill

By Eric Tyler | September 16, 2019

Learn to Load – The Importance of the Hip Hinge Young athletes often struggle to get into a proper hip hinge position.  At times, the hip hinge is something that…

10 Game Day Nutrition Tips for Softball Players

By Nick Esposito | September 13, 2019

10 Game Day Nutrition Tips As a softball player, what you eat and when you eat matters. On game day, nutrition can be one something that is an afterthought, especially…

Versatile Slapping at the Collegiate Level: Part 2

By Leah Murray | September 4, 2019

Four Slapping Drills to Improve your Technique: Last week, in part one of my slapping series, I highlighted four different slaps and how they can create versatility in your game….

NPF Swing Breakdowns: Abbey Cheek and Amanda Chidester

By Lacey Waldrop | September 3, 2019

NPF hitters Amanda Chidester and Abbey Cheek can destroy the ball Abbey Cheek Amanda Chidester If you followed National Professional Fastpitch this summer, you probably already know the statement above…

Versatile Slapping at the Collegiate Level: Part 1

By Leah Murray | August 27, 2019

The Make-up of a Slapper Within the game of softball, slap hitters are constantly labeled by pre-existing stigmas and stereotypes before they even set foot on the field. If you’re…

Softball Swing Different (1)

Is the Softball Swing Different from the Baseball Swing?

By Chas Pippitt | August 19, 2019

“The Softball Swing is completely different than a Baseball Swing.” This is a statement that I had heard before but it had never been directed specifically towards me. Truthfully, I…

Lauren Chamberlain Swing Breakdown

Softball Rebellion Swing Breakdown: Lauren Chamberlain

By JK Whited | August 19, 2019

Softball Rebellion’s JK Whited breaks down the swing of College and NPF Lauren Chamberlain!


Softball Power Hitting Solution: Turning Tappers into Towering Homers, The Takia Nichols Story

By Chas Pippitt | August 19, 2019

Learn how a simple movement progression helped one hitter go from just hoping she made the team to being a top softball recruit.