Pro Concepts – Efficient Swing Positioning

Efficient Swing Positioning - Professional Breakdown

A couple of weeks ago I highlighted Christian Yelich and how he doesn't allow his height to be a disadvantage.  I received a ton of positive feedback on it, so I wanted to show our softball crowd that same idea. I found a D1 softball player from UGA taking a beautiful swing. In this video you will see:

  1. How the upper body positions itself during the load.
  2. How the athlete maintains her positioning during the turn.
  3. How and why this has such a big impact not only with her ability hit the ball hard and far but also her ability to stay consistent.

What Makes Lauren Chamberlain Great?

Lauren Chamberlain recently retired from the USSSA Pride (NPF).  Lauren was a superstar at The University of Oklahoma where she compiled 95 home runs during her time there.  In this video, you will see exactly how and why she was one of the best D1 hitters of all time.  The most impressive part of her swing was her ability to load and fire her hip and shoulders.  The massive amount of hip/shoulder separation, followed by a very nice backward and down back shoulder and barrel move is how she was able to not only the balls harder than most girls, but also get more balls in the air.  Enjoy!

JK Whited - Softball Rebellion Hitting Instructor

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