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Eliminating the Competence Gap in Softball: Practice Structure Flaws

Traditional Practice Structure Widens the Competence Gap What are the main skills associated with softball? Hitting for average, hitting for power, speed (baserunning) fielding, and throwing are five key skills…

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Combating Perfectionism in Pitchers: Signs and Parental Guidance

5 Signs of a Perfectionist Pitcher Perfectionism is rampant in today’s youth culture, especially among girls and women; research suggests that girls and women tend to show more perfectionistic behaviors…

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Learn to Load with the Wedge Drill

Learn to Load – The Importance of the Hip Hinge Young athletes often struggle to get into a proper hip hinge position.  At times, the hip hinge is something that…

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10 Game Day Nutrition Tips for Softball Players

10 Game Day Nutrition Tips As a softball player, what you eat and when you eat matters. On game day, nutrition can be one something that is an afterthought, especially…

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Shaking Pitches: A Growth Mindset for Pitchers and Coaches

Shaking Pitches: A Lesson Learned We were playing a tight game against Carolina, our toughest ACC foe, during my freshman year. Ahead by a run or two with runners at…

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Success is an Iceberg, but what is this Game Really About?

How do you Define Success? Type into any search engine the word “success” and you probably get a few definitions. Next, click on the images tab while performing your search….

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“Lacey sees the things I need to work on to become a better pitcher, and explains it at a level I can understand. I love working with Lacey, and look forward to going to pitching lessons with her!” 

Addison G.

“Lacey is one of the most genuine people I have been around. On and off the field she is honest, positive, caring and passionate. As a player, coach and person I have enjoyed and trusted her in any situation. She loves and respects the game of softball and this characteristic is what allows her success in this game.”

Florida State Head Softball Coach Lonni Alameda

“The environment at Softball Rebellion is honestly like no other facility that we have been to. It’s a very friendly environment. We are actually treated like family. She has trained with everyone there and each trainer genuinely cares about the individual.  This personal interest extends past the cage and on the field to school and life in general. I recommend Softball Rebellion to everyone! You cannot go wrong if you are willing to put in the work and trust the process.”

Tomika N. (Parent of a HS Client)

"I love Lacey!! She's so patient with me. She's able to see the little things that make a difference in my pitches."

Peyton C. (Softball Pitching Client)

"We really like Lacey. It's clear that she is great at what she does while being very kind in her instruction."

Hope C. (Mother of Softball Pitching Client)